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About Us

It starts with an idea and engineering

At Maverick Downhole Technologies, some of the best minds in the industry consistently push the envelope of innovation in designing downhole tools that are stronger, easier, and smarter than ever before. So, whether its an off-the shelf Downhole product, or a sophisticated solution to a customer’s specifc Downhole problem, Maverick Downhole Technologies products are engineered to do the job, and stand the test of time, in the world’s most challenging work environments.


Maverick Downhole Technologies offers downhole tool supervision in Western Canada as well as internationally. Field level supervision specializing in Multi-Zone Frac Liners, Ball Drop Pumping Operations, Coil Tubing and Standard Downhole Completions. (Hydraulic/Mechanical Packers, Bridge Plugs, Plug & Perf, Acid Wash Tools Etc.)

Maverick Downhole Technologies is experienced throughout the Western Canada Basin including winter projects in the Arctic (Mackenzie Delta). Internationally The Maverick Team has extensive experience in project management in Asia Including a 200+ Horizontal Multi-Zone Liner Well Project for Sinopec in Southern China.

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